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English kitchens

Handmade In-frame kitchen range

Our handmade and hand painted kitchen range is our flagship kitchen.  It is a traditional English design that has evolved over the years to become our most popular of bespoke kitchens. The quality and antiquity of this kitchen is unrivalled, as our skilled joiners prefer traditional methods and tools. Our artisan painter hand paints every tulipwood or oak door unit to the highest quality so each kitchen is truly bespoke.

The kitchen has a frame, in which the cupboard door or drawer front fit perfectly.  The doors are hung on butt hinges with ironmongery in your chosen finish. Drawers are dovetailed in either oak, beech, or walnut.  The solid wooden frames, doors and drawer fronts will be made to suit the design you desire and in any size to fit seamlessly into your bespoke kitchen.

Painted in-frame Shaker kitchen range

Our painted kitchen range has its origins with the Shaker movement. Shaker design has its emphasis on utility and practicality, and thus has survived the test of time. The style was revitalized in the States, balancing refinement and grandeur, as it spread through the kitchens of the Hamptons and Long Beach in the 1920s. Our painted tulipwood or oak kitchen range combines the chiselled shape of an American kitchen with the long-established English affinity for framed doors.

This range keeps its pure lines by having concealed hinges and plain frames. All the mechanics of this painted kitchen are of the highest standard worldwide, which gives you maximum load potential in every drawer.

Choose a colour from our palette or try mixing painted fronts to create your own unique scheme. Painted tulipwood will give you the smooth, classic shaker style, while painting an oak frontage of your Shaker kitchen leaves a wonderful grain providing a canvas for the paint.

Traditional English kitchen range

The traditional kitchen range is one of our most popular ranges and is the height of English quality.  Its use of space is innovative and stylish, incorporating flowing drawers, clever features, and the best of our contemporary fixtures. The range is versatile, with a great variety finishes, and can be tailored to any environment.  This sturdy kitchen range provides a modern outlook on a refined and sophisticated style.

Careful scrutiny of a traditional kitchen only serves to illustrate how this range is designed for longevity.  The cabinet sides and shelves are 18mm thick and feature solid metal shelf supports, whereas cheaper units often have shelves and supports unsuitable for long term use.  Quality runners also support the drawer from underneath giving greater support than the usual side runners.  This traditional kitchen really will last as long as you want it to.

Shaker kitchen range

The clean-cut lines of our popular New England kitchens inspire our simple yet civilized Shaker kitchen range.

This kitchen range evokes seascape images with the textured oak or walnut doors reminiscent of the intricate driftwood grain, whilst our pastel selection of colours from soft greys and blues to sandy creams is suggestive of the sea.  The range embodies a sublime relation between old and new.

Each Shaker kitchen is built with a sturdy 18mm carcass evocative of the hardy ships with which the first settlers crossed the Atlantic.  This engineering provides the perfect housing for our finest feature fixings.